Oracle Cards            VS                  Tarot Cards


Oracle decks differ in the number of cards.


Tarot decks have normally 78 cards.

Oracle cards are not used for card playing.  

The Tarot cards are also used for card playing (famous in Italy and France).

Oracle cards can be divided, but it is not a must. The Tarot is divided into two parts the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana.
One of the early Oracle decks is named after Marie Anne Lenormand, she was a famous fortune teller.  

The real Tarot had been a “Book” and originates from Egypt. It includes the 4 Elements; some Tarot decks have also the “5th Element”.


Oracle cards are used for life coaching, divination and inspiration. Tarot cards are used for personal growth, inspiration, divination and life coaching.
Oracle cards works together with the subconscious, Cosmic Destiny and also with metaphysical beings (depends from the cards). Tarot cards work together with the subconscious, Cosmic Destiny and sometimes also with metaphysical beings.


It is depending from each one, what kind of card decks you use. When you are a member of a mystery school or you are a “professional”, you will choose for sure the Tarot, because of the purpose of meditation and initiations.


When you are starting to learn card reading with life coaching, Oracle cards are the better choice, because they are not complicated like Tarot cards ( in the beginning) and they can be used for “quick readings” like in a Restaurant est.

One should choose the correct tool, for the matter of purpose to get the best results. Many professional card readers which I know,  use both tool’s.

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